Why would someone not visit the US if he has a chance?


  Alexander Hogg

  The USA….

  I have spent short stays in places like New York or Miami. Quite a chunk of time in Oregon. The latter has some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring countryside in the world….

  But I will not go back to the states. You couldn’t pay me ,a million, to live there.

  The 2nd Amendment. I understand and can respect why it was created. But it should have been allowed to slide into history. The original goal is no longer feasible. Keeping it is madness. Any country which values the rights of gun owners over the lives of men, women and children is not one I will live in.

  Tipping that is not a gratuity paid by customers who leave happier than they arrived. Nail in the coffin: a NYC cabbie getting out of the taxi and following us down the street hassling us for not tipping enough.

  Most/enough USA citizens. Any country that elects someone like Trump to the highest office in the land… Sorry people, I don’t have enough in common with you to live there.

  That’s a pity, because many years ago there were a few places I still wanted to visit in the future. It won’t happen now.








  Jill Selwood

  I have visited a small part of the States. I found it very pleasant and the people lovely . However , there’s no way in hell that I’d ever want to live there. We hear of too many gun shootings by seemingly deranged people.


  JudiG (she/her)

  Because they’d rather visit some place else.

  I love the US, and it’s a beautiful country. But it’s big world out there with a lot to explore.

  They might prefer to visit family or friends elsewhere.

  They might want to visit places with thousands of years of history. Rome, Jerusalem, Beijing, Moscow and more.

  They might want climb Mt Everest.

  They might want to experience genuine szechuan cuisine in China.

  They might not want to travel across so many time zones and deal with jet lag.

  They may not have much vacation or free time.

  They may simply be not interested. They same reason I would be extremely unlikely to attend a football game.










  Angela Shingler

  If I went on a visit to the USA, I wouldn't enjoy it because there's no sense of history there.


  Paulito Del Pilar

  Nowadays, U.S. is not good and Safe anymore for Tourists because of the increasing numbers of Hate Crimes victim and poor Peace & Order situation. I don’t know why the U.S. government let to happen this for long and we don’t see improvement on this.

  On my case even though i have a chance to visit the U.S., i would rather visit the other safe countries for Tourists just like NZ, Australia, Dubai UAE, Japan and the Netherlands.




  Gregory Waleed Kavalec

  An allergy to getting shot ?


  Jason Thomson

  Maybe they don't like racism or poor quality food.


  Rebecca Aryal

  Well, I don’t like fried food, I like having the freedom to cross the road at any place where I consider it to be safe and appropriate and I don’t want to get shot (because I could never afford the medical bills and don’t want to be bankrupt). During my lifetime I have visited every inhabited continent except North America, and I rather think I’d like to keep it that way.


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